Be Prepared For Your PADI Instructor Development Course

First of all, congrats on signing up for the PADI Instructor Development Course! Deciding to be a scuba instructor IS a big deal and the journey to becoming one can be intimidating but it’s definitely worth it. 

Here are some tips to prepare yourself for the IDC:

Get Experience

When it comes to diving, experience is key and the more you have the better. Apply what you’ve learned and build your confidence as a divemaster. Gain experience in the industry and try to expose yourself to various diving conditions and environments.

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Complete the e-Learning

Don’t delay starting the e-learning once you’ve received access. Complete the course materials prior so that when the IDC starts you can focus on applying the lessons during workshops and presentations. You don’t have to but if you need time to absorb things, it can give you an advantage and makes the course less stressful.

Review Your Divemaster Materials & Skill Circuit

Review your divemaster materials including dive theory, ERDP, different types of knots, and skill circuit! There’s a lot of resources online and practice tests you can do as well as demos on YouTube you can watch to help you out.

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Have Your Own Gear

This one isn’t required for the IDC but it’s highly recommended as a dive professional in general. Having your own gear can give you confidence during IDC skill presentations and demonstrations. It’s nice to be able to genuinely recommend things to people and also allows you to pull from real examples.

Reach Out to PADI Instructors

Reach out to the ones that have done the IDC in general or even those that have done the program at the specific dive shop you’ve chosen. Divers are a unique type of humans that love to share our experience so don’t hesitate to ask! They can provide you insights on the program structure as well as about the course directors.

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Build a Relationship with a Dive Shop

If you’re choosing a different dive shop from where you did your divemaster training, try to build a relationship before the IDC. Arrange some local dives, get to know the operations and meet the team to familiarize yourself with the operations and the people.

Enjoy the Process

Finally, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process! You may think that you need to be 100% ready beforehand but the truth is the IDC and your course director is there to help you in the process. You don’t have to be perfect–you just have to be passionate, driven and open to learning from your mistakes.

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