Why Train With Us?

The Ninja Go Pro Team & IDC Los Cabos by Dive Ninja Expeditions

About Dive Ninja Expeditions

Dive Ninja Expeditions was started with one goal in mind. We wanted to create something different. Something that could show the world marine tourism could be done sustainably while making a real impact on protecting our oceans. From the beginning we built quality, sustainability, and conservation as the core pillars of our business. We aim to set the bar higher and it can be seen in everything we do.

Our courses, tours, & expeditions are built to create lasting memories for our ninja students & guests while working to protect the incredible oceans & creatures that make these magical experiences possible. We actively develop and support marine conservation and research projects both locally and internationally. You will never find single use plastics on our tours. We were the first Project Aware 100% AWARE PADI 5 Star Dive Center in the entire Baja California peninsula. So when we decided to expand our training program to include instructor level courses we knew in our heart what must be done. Our Divemaster, Instructor, and MSDT programs are unlike any other in the world. They focus on creating highly trained, knowledgeable dive professionals that can drive change in the industry and work to protect our oceans no matter where in the world their career in diving may take them.


The IDC Los Cabos Go Pro Team at Dive Ninja Expeditions brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your courses. Whether it be working with shark diving in the Bahamas, coral restoration in Indonesia. exploring the Great Barrier Reef, teaching marine biology, or creating some of the worlds most sought after ecotourism experiences – each one of them brings a unique skillset to the program. The team is led by platinum PADI Course Director Aitor Diaz who brings over 10 years of teaching experience to your course and PADI Master Instructor & Dive Ninjas founder, Jay Clue bringing a wide array of experiences, accolades, and knowledge to the team from his 10+ years working in diving, conservation, and exploration. Read on to learn more about your IDC Los Cabos Go Pro Team.

Aitor Diaz

Spain [Fluent: Spanish/English]

Aitor has over 10 years of experience teaching PADI courses all over the world. Since 2016 he has taught hundreds of PADI instructors as a Course Director and has been awarded Platinum Course Director.

For the 3 years prior before joining the Dive Ninja team, he was the owner of Azul Unlimited in Indonesia, running IDCs and daily dive operations in the Komodo National Park. Aitor has a reputation for being one of the best mentors in the industry who really understands how to make theory and skills accessible to all diver levels. He is an experienced cave and technical diver with a passion for underwater photography and also supports the Azul Unlimited YouTube channel.

Finally, Aitor is a PADI Tech Instructor, so for those seeking to become a technical diver, he is the ninja who can take you there.

When Aitor is not teaching IDCs or Technical courses, he enjoys exploring beaches with his dog Chalá and hitting the movie theatre.

Jay Clue

Ninjalandia [Speaks: English/Spanish/Jerzee Gutter Slang]

Most know Jay Clue as an award winning underwater photographer, storyteller, and conservationist fighting to protect some of Baja’s most incredible marine life. He is the original Dive Ninja, founding the company and creating its unique ethos of full circle sustainable dive tourism.  Jay is a passionate diver that loves teaching and sharing his ninja wisdom with our students. He is an accomplished PADI Master Instructor, both a PADI & TDI Technical Diving Instructor all the way through to Full Trimix, and a sidemount instructor with over 4000+ dives logged in sidemount alone. His resume holds over 40+ instructor level credentials, and includes being awarded as a PADI Torchbearer, Nakawe Project Closed Hook Ambassador, Mares Mexicanos Associate Photographer, Ocean Culture Life Ocean Guardian, as well as multiple brand & organization ambassadorships, being an accomplished conservation & travel writer, has authored PADI courses on whale conservation, diving with apex predators, and the list of accolades & accomplishments just goes on and on.

But most importantly Jay brings a very unique skillset and wealth of experience to your courses that is not found in any Go Pro program around the world. Want to learn to capture the beauty of our oceans on camera or create sustainable ecotourism projects? Or learn to explore the depths of our oceans with deep technical diving? He can help you get there. To learn more about Jay visit www.jayclue.com or check out his Instagram at @jayclue.

Donna Schechter, Instructor & Expedition Guide Dive Ninja Expeditions

Donna Schechter

Israel [English/Hebrew/Spanish]
One of the original ninjas, Donna has been an integral part of our team since almost the beginning helping Jay create some of our most sought after expeditions. She’s a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, a PADI & SSI Freediving Instructor, and a Tec Diver. Her passion for exploring and background as a military paramedic makes her a crucial member of our expedition team. She’s worked around the world and loves helping our students realize their potential in both scuba & freediving.

Ellen Myers, Instructor & Expedition Guide Dive Ninja Expeditions

Ellen Myers

Georgia, USA [English/Spanish]
Our resident shark and coral conservation expert, Ellen is a PADI Instructor and passionate conservationist. She has worked in some of the worlds most sought after destinations; from leading tiger shark diving liveaboards in the Bahamas, to the megafauna filled remote waters of Ningaloo Reef and running coral conservation & restoration projects in Indonesia. Ellen helps lead the conservation arm of Dive Ninjas and loves helping our students become ocean defenders.

Juan Camilo Mora, Instructor & Expedition Guide Dive Ninja Expeditions

Juan Camilo Mora

Colombia [Spanish/English]
Hailing from Colombia, Juan is an accomplished photographer, conservation biologist, and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer that has worked everywhere from Thailand to Mexico and Colombia to Kazakhstan. He is the lead instructor on our Ninja Divemaster program and enjoys working with all of our Go Pro candidates helping them achieve their goals.

Why Do Your IDC or Divemaster in Cabo San Lucas?

Our small passionate dive community is fortunate enough to be immersed in a town that has all the amenities of a big city, but remote beaches with wild donkeys are just a stone’s throw away.  You can find all sorts of different types of food, landscapes, and cultures within walking distance. English is widely spoken all throughout the area, but you can also brush up on your Spanish or take any of the readily available language classes. Plus with the added benefits of its low cost of living and equally low crime rates it makes for an incredible destination that’s easy to enjoy.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and Marine Park lies right in our backyard with sealions, whales, sharks, baitballs, rays, nudibranchs, and tons of other species that call these waters home throughout the year. Some dive and freediving sites are accessible right from the beach, others just a 5 minute boat ride away. Our local captains have over 25 years of experience in this area as well as the industry itself, thus safety is their top priority. Each new season brings different animals migrating through these rich waters, making  diving and exploring Cabo exciting all year long.

But it doesn’t end there – Cabo’s local slogan is ‘No Bad Days‘ because on average it sees 350 sunny days a year due to its subtropical desert climate. We only receive about 10 inches (25cm) of rain a year — with most of that rain coming in September.

Our 2 PADI 5 Star dive centers offer up a great range of facilities for your training including a heated training pool, multiple boats, Apeks & ScubaPro dive equipment, in house gas blending of Nitrox, & Trimix,  local dive sites that are only 2 minutes away from the marina as well as shore diving options, free wifi, and so much more.

The Los Cabos International Airport is just a thirty minute drive through the Sierra De Laguna mountains to our dive shop in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas.  The airport offers nonstop flights to over 15 US cities, as well as numerous international connection opportunities through multiple major hubs in the United States, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Canada. Best of all – there are no long bus trips or crazy ferry rides to get from the airport into town.

PADI Divemaster and IDC course in Cabo San Lucas
sea turtles in Cabo San Lucas
Surfing during PADI IDC in Mexico
schools of Mobula rays during PADI Divemaster course in Mexico
shark diving PADI IDC Cabo San Lucas Mexico
macro diving during PADI Divemaster in Mexico

Your ticket to the world awaits. Join us in beautiful Baja to continue your career in diving and conservation. Click the button below to send us a message now!