PADI Instructor Development Course

Learn to teach others how to become ocean loving ninjas

PADI IDC Instructor Course: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Join us for our Ninja PADI Instructor Development Course in Cabo San Lucas, the land of beautiful contrasts.  Where jagged terracotta colored mountains meet electric blue waters teeming with life. The meeting point of the mighty Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez – nicknamed the World’s Aquarium by the legendary Jacques Cousteau. A place where you can spend your days with massive schools of rays, sea lions, sharks, whales and so much before watching the Baja sun ignite the sky neon red as it sets into the ocean making way for millions of stars. But you haven’t come here just for the beauty of this land, you are here to become a PADI Instructor. You’ve probably already scoured the web looking at different programs, but we can promise you that you have yet to find one like ours.

The Ninja PADI IDC will not only give you the tools to become a PADI Instructor, but also educate and enhance your skills & knowledge to make a positive impact on our oceans. Our team doesn’t just focus on getting you to pass exams, instead we work to help you become a highly capable, confident, and sought after dive instructor. Our Course Director, Aitor Diaz, has over 10 years experience teaching IDCs with a 100% pass rating, and has a reputation for thorough training and ongoing availability as a mentor.  Read on to learn more about our Ninja PADI Instructor Development program or send us a message to speak with our Course Director, Aitor, and get started on your journey today!

The PADI Instructor Development Course

Diving with great hammerheads in Bimini, The Bahamas. Photo by Jay Clue, Dive Ninja Expeditions

They say if you like working with people, have a passion for diving, and want to live an extraordinary life then become a PADI Instructor. Teaching diving allows you to share your love for the ocean while doing what you love – being in, around, and under, water. The standard PADI Instructor Development Program (IDC)  is comprised of essentially 2 parts – the Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program. Most dive professionals complete the entire IDC in one shot and go on to attend the Instructor Examination (IE) to be certified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Our Ninja IDC Program expands on this and starts off with a specialized IDC Prep course to help you refresh your pro level knowledge and skills both in and out of the water. From there you move through our hand curated IDC program, including the Emergency First Response Instructor course and all of the extras that are exclusive to our Ninja IDC! After this we run a mock ‘instructor examination’ with our students to help them prepare and better understand what the examination will be like, so they can rest easy and go to the exams ready to kick some booty like a proper ninja! Our Course Director and Go Pro Team will accompany you to the exams here in Cabo and be there every step of the way to support and cheer you on as you become a certified PADI Instructor!

How is our IDC different?

The PADI Instructor Development Course is the gold standard for anyone looking to make their way into teaching diving. It’s a great program that covers a lot of info and practical training. But when we began designing the curriculum for our Ninja PADI IDC program we had one thing in mind. New PADI Instructor candidates will go on to be the next generation of teachers spreading out all over the world for years to come. Why not give them the tools they need to help make positive change in the industry and to inspire their students to take action to help protect the oceans that give us so much? From here our ninja mission was clear! 

PADI IDC instructor Development Course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Bimini Big Game Club

Our Ninja IDC program includes 6+ additional workshops, all included in the IDC at no extra charge, to help give our instructor candidates a wider skillset making them more employable as well as additional tools to help them be able to create a positive impact on the world around them. Our program includes a specialized ‘Working with Sharks & Rays’ course taught by the brilliant shark scientist Dr. Frida Lara and some of the other incredible marine scientists we work with here in Baja. It also includes the instructor level of our exclusive PADI Whale Defender course. This PADI distinctive specialty course on whale conservation was created right here in Cabo at Dive Ninjas by Jay Clue. So as part of your IDC you will be able to become a PADI Whale Defender instructor and learn about these magnificent titans of the sea.  We also have a special workshop on how to utilize & teach Project AWARE’s ocean conservation courses to inspire your guests & students. Plus a workshop on creating sustainable tourism & teaching opportunities, an intro to freediving workshop, a try sidemount session, and more! But it’s not all training either, we didn’t get into diving just to sit in a classroom. So we like to fit in different fun activities based on the season, and we always take a break midway through every IDC to head out to one of Cabo’s untouched beaches and catch the warm Baja sun setting into the Pacific Ocean before having a little beach bonfire, roasting marshmallows under the stars to remind us why we are all here.  

Wow! What about the costs & schedule?


$1400 USD


16 Days
IDC Course:
14 Days
Instructor Exams:
2 Days

Course Availability:

2024 IDC & IE Dates
Feb 10-23, 2023. Exams Feb 24-25
May 25 – June 7, 2023. Exams June 8-9
September 14- 27. Exams Sep 28-29
(TBC) November 30-13. Exams Dec 14-15

Any Extras Included?

Our exclusive PADI Whale Defender Specialty Instructor course, Working with Sharks & Rays workshop, Teaching AWARE Ocean Conservation workshop, Try Sidemount workshop, freediving workshop, sustainable tourism workshop, special mid course sunset beach bonfire night, and more!

What’s Included:

Full PADI Instructor Development Course (Assistant Instructor & Open Water Scuba Instructor), Emergency First Response Instructor course, 6+ specialized ninja workshops, and more!

Not Included:

IDC crew pack, PADI IDC application & exams fee (paid to PADI) & rental gear

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The best Instructors with the most complete programs for the courses! I have learned so much and enjoyed every single moment. The Divemaster program was super unique because besides learning the normal PADI Divemaster, they added workshops about UW photo, working in remote areas, sustainability and so much more. The Ninja team is just amazing, all of them are super professional, responsible and very fun!

Ceci, Mexico
Train with Dive Ninja Expeditions, Cabo San Lucas

Thank you for all I’ve learnt during my stay in Cabo! I’m so glad I found Dive Ninjas! The course as not just some more workshops than a usual Divemaster, it was so much more and I’ve learned so much with all of the team. And not just diving either, I’ve learned so many things that I know will be super useful later! Thank you for doing all that you do, the high level teaching and raising awareness. Keep rocking the diving industry Ninjas!

Hugo, France

My favorite part was all the conservation workshops Dive Ninjas adds into their Divemaster program! I felt like I learned so much more than I would of if I went elsewhere.

Hanna, United States