Meet Dive Ninja’s PADI Course Director, Aitor Diaz

Choosing your Instructor Development Course is a big decision, and two of the most important factors are location and Course Director. Los Cabos is leading the way in ocean conservation and PADI professional training with the Dive Ninja IDC program leading the way under the direction of Course Director Aitor Diaz. The Course Director role is not only about theory and teaching skills. Over the years, Aitor has gained the reputation for being a kind and experienced mentor, knowing how to support each unique student on their professional development journey. Although passing the Instructor Exams is an essential part of the IDC training, Aitor focuses his teachings on ensuring that you will pass the real test—teaching your first courses with real students. 

A recent IDC graduate said about their experience, “I felt like my education was in good hands. Aitor is really passionate about what he does, and was super patient with all of us.” 

The IDC offers a wide range of activities to test and stretch your abilities as a diver, preparing you for the career change of a lifetime. Taking the course in Cabo San Lucas is the first step, and the Dive Ninja Team is ready to help you reach your dreams. Let’s learn more about Aitor Diaz and why he’s such a sought-after Course Director for the PADI IDC in Mexico.

Business Owner and Natural Leader  

Even as a kid, Aitor knew he was meant to be outside in nature. His early obsession with rock climbing and white water kayaking took him around the world, guiding trips and experiencing different cultures from Nepal to Central America. He opened his first business, Guadalkayak, in his 20’s and grew it into a thriving water adventure company in Southern Spain. Each year, Aitor took time off to travel, and he found diving while exploring Thailand. While training to become a PADI Divemaster, he saw how sustainable diving as a sport was, especially in regards to physical health and longevity. 

One moment in particular stuck out when he saw an older man teaching an Open Water Course, and Aitor could see a real future in the industry. “It felt like a sign that if I switch careers, I could do this forever,” Aitor always tells IDC students. “Kayaking was fun, but it’s hard on the body… and it’s dangerous. Diving has always felt adaptable and sustainable. I can do technical diving or keep it simple with recreational courses. It has always felt like an industry where I can grow and be really happy sharing my passion.” Upon the sale of his business in Spain, he pursued professional development as an instructor and hasn’t looked back. 

Aitor is not only a mentor but a dedicated student who constantly challenges himself to learn new skills, improve his teaching techniques, and be present for his students. “Becoming a scuba instructor pushes you into a world that could never bore you. There are always new places to explore, people to meet, and skills to learn. And the best part is the instant community you have with other dive professionals. We all have found something that fires us up, and an instant bond is made no matter where in the world you meet.”

PADI IDC in Mexico with Course Director Aitor Diaz at Dive Ninja Expeditions Cabo San Lucas
PADI IDC in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

A Wild Ride in the Scuba Industry

Aitor knew he wanted to be a PADI Course Director from the time he passed his Instructor Exam. 

After developing a reputation for thorough Instructor Development Courses in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, Aitor opened the dive shop Azul Unlimited in Indonesia. He was building a leading market for IDCs in Komodo when COVID shut down Indonesia for two years. This shift made him look to other locations that were still operating, and his former student, Dive Ninja Founder Jay Clue, was in need of a dive shop manager, which eventually led into Aitor guiding the professional training programs at Dive Ninjas. One thing that Aitor always stresses to his students is to be adaptable and have diverse skills. One dream can be lost, and new opportunities take its place. Now, Aitor is pleased to take his ideas and passion from his own business and help Dive Ninjas grow in new ways while supporting their overall goal of using tourism to support ocean conservation.

Building a Premier IDC Program with Dive Ninja Expeditions

“Our PADI Instructor Development Courses in Cabo San Lucas are focused on delivering a personalized experience. We believe in having moderately sized groups so that you get the one-on-one attention you need, while getting enough exposure to other students, which maximizes what you can learn. That’s one of the most interesting things about the IDCs – learning from the experiences and mistakes that other students go through during the training.” – Aitor Diaz

Aitor is a PADI Platinum rated Course Director and has maintained a 100% pass rate for all of his students at their Instructor Exams. Whether you feel unsure about your skills or need extra time in the classroom, he will help you succeed as long as you continue to push yourself. Being a scuba professional means having a good attitude, taking responsibility for yourself, and being open to feedback. If you have those qualities, you will go far in the industry.

PADI Platinum Course Director, Aitor Diaz at Dive Ninjas in Mexico
PADI Course Director Aitor Diaz and IDC Staff Instructor Dive Ninja Expeditions

What’s the best part of the IDC?

Aitor has gotten to teach IDCs in Mexico and Indonesia, but his favorite part of the course has nothing to do with the location–it’s all about the people.

“I love getting to know my IDC students and helping them reach their goals. Each person comes from a different background with varying abilities. It’s fascinating to help each person discover their strengths and further develop any weak points in their knowledge. My goal is to turn out well-rounded, professional scuba instructors who are passionate about ocean conservation. The program at Dive Ninja Expeditions provides an environment to build lifelong professional relationships and friendships between staff and students.”

Training responsible scuba instructors is key to expanding advocacy for our oceans. Wherever our PADI professionals travel or work, they are another touchpoint to conservation and share that passion with their own students. The work behind protecting the oceans we love can feel daunting, but shared work feels lighter. As part of the IDC with Dive Ninja Expeditions, Instructor Candidates will participate in extra workshops including a shark & ray tourism workshop with Dr. Frida Lara. You will also receive the PADI Whale Defender Instructor distinctive specialty, which was developed by the Dive Ninja team.

When Aitor isn’t teaching an IDC, he runs the operations at Dive Ninja Expeditions and in his free time, he explores the beautiful beaches in Los Cabos with his dog Chalá.

Aitor Diaz Credentials

  • PADI Platinum Course Director
  • 100% Pass Rate at Instructor Exams
  • Fluent in Spanish & English
  • TDI Cavern Instructor
  • TDI Intro to Cave Instructor
  • Tec Sidemount Instructor
  • Tec Rec Deep Instructor
  • SSS Hyperbaric Chamber Operator 
  • 20 PADI Instructor Trainer Specialties
    • Dive Against Debris
    • Drift
    • AWARE Shark Conservation
    • Project AWARE
    • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation
    • Sidemount
    • Underwater Naturalist
    • Underwater Navigator
    • Night Diver
    • Tec Rec Gas Blender
    • Deep
    • Enriched Air
    • Emergency Oxygen Provider
    • Equipment Specialist
    • Wreck
    • Cavern
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy
    • Whale Defender
    • Bull Shark PDC
    • EFR Primary and Secondary Care
    • Care for Children/AED
PADI Course Director Aitor Diaz teaching confined water skills
Working with Sharks & Rays workshop during the Dive Ninjas PADI IDC program in Mexico

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